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Dowell SINKS Care Guide

To keep your Dowell sink looking its best for years, follow below simple maintenance tips:
  • ● Do not use your sink as a cutting board or chopping block. This type of use may cause deep scratches in the finish of your sink.

  • ● Do not soak your sink with solutions of bleach. Bleach contains chemicals that may damage your sink if left on the surface for an extended period of time.

  • ● Do not leave soaps or other cleaners in your sink to dry. Most contain chemicals that could, if left on the surface, damage it.

  • ● Do not use steel wool on your sink. Steel wool can break down and leave small particles of steel on your sinks surface that may rust. If aggressive cleaning is needed, use a 3M Scotch-BriteTM pad. The use of rubber mats is not recommended as they may cause possible pitting or surface rust. If mats are used, remove them from your sink after each use. Stainless steel, like most metallic surfaces, can scratch. These scratches will blend in to the overall satin finish of your sink over time.

  • ● Rinse your sink thoroughly after each use and towel dry. This will inhibit the buildup of mineral deposits on the sink's surface that may cause your sink to loose its lustrous appea rance.

  • ● Olive oil can help remove streaks and add shine to your stainless steel sink. Dry your sink thoroughly and add a few drop of olive oil to a paper towel. Wipe the towel over the streaked areas and rinse away with a wet cloth and running water.

  • ●Undiluted white vinegar will help remove fingerprints or hard water deposits. Simply pour the vinegar onto a soft cloth and rub over the spots and surrounding area. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

  • ● When scouring your sink, which should be done weekly, ensure that you rub in the direction of the satin finish grain lines. Do not scour across the satin finish grain lines. This will damage the lustrous satin finish of your sink. The deck of your sink may, depending on model, have a polished/mirror finish. Do not clean this with any type of abrasive cleaner. Use water and a soft cloth only. Do not place pots and pans on the bowl divider. This may scratch the polished finish.

Dowell FAUCETS Care Guide

To keep your Dowell Faucets looking its best for years, follow below simple maintenance tips:
  • ● Never use an abrasive cleaner or rough sponge to clean or dry your faucet. Harsh cleaners could dull or scratch the finish.

  • ● Use only a soft disinfectant that does not contain bleach or chlorine and apply with a soft towel.

  • ● Be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions for any product you use on your faucet.

  • ● Simply rinse and dry faucets with a soft towel every week to prevent mineral deposits from forming.

  • ● Clean spills and splatters as they happen. Do not let soap, toothpaste or other contaminates dry on the faucet, this can stain or pit the finish. Use a mild soap and soft sponge or towel to remove residue. Rinse and dry thoroughly.